Who doesn’t love a good sausage? They’re so meaty and juicy and full of flavour. From the everyday BBQ sausage, the hearty satisfying meatiness of a Boerewor to the explosion of deliciousness found in a good chorizo.

Variations on the sausage can be found in all major meat-eating food cultures. Why? Because sausages help us to use the whole animal by using up the leftover scraps of meat after the bigger cuts are taken.

Sausage is a pretty simple idea — it’s just meat in a tube — but it’s often a complex endeavor to do simple things well, to get them right.

Here at The Beef Shed we boast two of WA’s finest butchers “Rocket Red Adam” a gourmet sausage maker second to none and the Big Man Dewald who has made us the South African sausage Mecca.

The Beef Shed inhouse selection include:

  • Drywoers, Boerowors & Sosaties
  • Breakfast Cheese Grillers Sausages
  • Italian & Greek Style Sausages
  • Old English, German, and Polish Pork Sausages
  • Inhouse smoked meats

Supporting our Community:

We offer competitively priced bulk sausages and hamburger patties – gluten-free & halal.

We value our community and contribute by supporting the fund raising efforts of many schools, sporting associations and various clubs.